Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow (ASMS) will host a weekend visit, December 14, with NASA Astronaut Dr. Richard Linnehan, DVM. The students and volunteers at ASMS face daily challenges as they go through life. Dr. Linnehan too has faced many challenges in his 27 years as an Astronaut including taking four spaceflights, spending 58 days in space and logging more than 42 hours of space walks. 


Dr. Linnehan has challenged himself and defied the odds and pushed existing boundaries and to achieve greatness in many aspects of his life. He is inspirational and relatable to our adaptive skiers, riders and volunteers. During his time with our students and volunteers, we expect he will be able to empathize with the challenges and adaptations we make for our students so they can participate in skiing, snowboarding and other sports.


Linnehan, a University of New Hampshire graduate who is also a veterinarian and adjunct university professor at Texas A&M University, will present “Adapting to Challenges: What We Learn from Space Exploration.”


Dr. Linnehan will meet the Community and Members of Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow on Saturday December 14, 2019:





12:00-1:30pm Lunch with an Astronaut (Please bring a lunch)

Grand Summit Hotel 

21 Grand Summit Way

West Dover,VT 05356



5:30-6:30 “Adapting to Challenges: What We Learn from Space Exploration.” 


Old School Community Center

1 School Street

Wilmington, Vt 05363