Improves fine motor control: these are the muscles we use to write and feed ourselves. Improves hand eye coordination: this helps us catch a ball, hit a golf ball or high five. Improves focus and concentration.

Try stacking small objects-coins work great.

Each week we will give a challenge.

This will be posted on Facebook and Instagram, as well as though our newsletters on Mondays.

Post a photo of yourself doing the challenge with the hashtag  #ASMSbluebirdstrong to Instagram or Facebook.

Or email us a photo with #ASMSbluebirdstrong as the subject to

If you are a Special Olympics Athlete, there is a challenge just for you.

Email subject: Special Olympics Bluebirds Challenge for more details.

Every day you submit a picture you get an entry into a drawing at the end of the week for some sweet swag!

For every week you participate you will get an entry in to our grand prize drawing at the end of the summer!

Let’s Show Our Strong!