Fall Fundraiser

See how your support has provided people with the ability to rebuild and redefine themselves

What a difference you have made this year! Your support of Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow (ASMS) has given people with disabilities the opportunity to get outside and recreate during this difficult year.

Will you donate today to continue these life-changing programs? We have a donor who is going to match up to the first $9,000 of donations to this campaign. Make your donation go twice as far by taking advantage of this match.  

What has your support done for our participants? Some of our athletes are not just surviving this challenging time; they are thriving. Participation in ASMS programs, that you support, has helped our community rebuild and redefine who they are and what they can do. 



According to Sam Peterson and his family, “It turned out to be a great year. Sam had a fantastic time, if it wasn’t for skiing, I don’t know what we would have done. The volunteers saved us.  Mount Snow is Sam’s community and where he skis with his friends. Sam can adventure across the mountain with volunteers Lynn and Mae and meet people. The impact of this season was the reminder to all of us to “Don’t live in fear, live life.” 

Sam has also golfed with the Bluebird team in the summer and loves coaches Linda and Coop. When we’re home during the week Sam now works with the Connecticut Golf Association helping them maintain the course. Without the Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow Bluebird golf team, Sam would not have found his passion for golf and gotten a job working at a golf course. When the fall arrives, Sam hopes to bring his smile and friendly manner to the ambassador program at Mount Snow.”

David Hiler

I’m an active person. I co-own and operate a 200-seat restaurant, 15-barrel brewery and a 45-site campground and event space, all in Brattleboro, Vermont. I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, biking, kayaking, travelling with my wife and generally being outdoors.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in my knee and chose to have my leg amputated above the knee (versus other lengthy treatments). After surgery I was hoping to be able to go to the hill a couple times. It felt so good to be a snowboarder again. I exceeded my expectations of what I could do after surgery and don’t ever want to short-change myself like that anymore. I am never going to forget to go live, go experience, and that work will always be there. Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow have changed my worldview as a person. I’ve snowboarded more this year than I have in the past five years. I’m not sure what my excuse was back then.

This summer I attended a three month long intensive program that helped me relearn how to run and so much more.  Getting back on a snowboard with ASMS helped give me the confidence to take on other challenges like this program and returning to training for marathons. This summer, I ran, hiked, mountain biked, rafted and more. I realized that there is nothing I can’t do, I just have to figure out how I will do it. 

Your donation now can make a difference to someone like Sam or David in being able to build their future. For instance, a donation of $130 will make up the difference between what a lesson costs us and what the student pays.  And by donating now, you can double your impact by taking advantage of our matching donor. 


To see what else your donations are supporting, click here for other videos

Thank you for all you have done to change lives of people like Sam. 

Larry Geller

Chair of the Board

Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow

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Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow is an independently run 501(c)(3). We are an active chapter of Disabled Sports USA.  We are led by a diverse Board of Directors, directed daily by a small dedicated staff and could not exist without the generous donation of many hundreds of thousands of hours from volunteer instructors and assistants.
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Adaptive Sports at Mount Snow is a volunteer-driven non-profit that provides adaptive sports, recreational opportunities and educational experiences to the Mount Snow community and its visitors throughout the year. We help individuals with disabilities to develop skills and instill pride and confidence that enables them to demonstrate their strengths and capabilities.

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